In my oldest daughter’s class this year, they begin working with colored pencils.  The teacher’s wish was that each child have a handmade holder for their pencils.   Luckily, it’s a small class!  I decided to take on the task.  What makes this job so much easier is that I was given this great tip to use a basic placemat!!!  Half the work is already done for me!   It is not know who or where this idea came from- I do not take credit for it, but simply felt the need to share it.

For this roll-up I am able to fit twenty pencils, which will be provided by the teacher so I do not have them to demonstrate a filled example.  Please note that these roll-ups are made to fit the LYRA brand of colored pencil, which are a bit wider around.  You will need to adjust the following measurement a bit to fit smaller pencils snugly.

I purchased my placemats (about 19.5 X 14 or so) at a local bed and bath store.  You could likely find the same or similar at any discount home store, Target, etc.

To begin, I cut the labels off and folded up from the bottom about 4 inches.  I then mark the vertical edge seam on the placemat binding, just shy of 1/4 inch.  This will allow me to fit 20 pencil openings.  From this edge, I mark lines on the bottom, near the folded edge, just shy of 1 inch apart!

Next, starting from the bottom edge, I sewed along each line and backstitched at the top of pocket for extra durability.

To finish off the top edge, you could fold over an inch or so, and sew if you like.  I don’t measure or pin here, I just fold and sew!

I then cut about a 23 inch length of twill tape, you can use whatever suits you here, for the tie.  I folded it in half to find the center, then pinned that to the outside left(about halfway down)  of the placemat(now officially, pencil roll-up).

I sewed this in place, making sure to stitch and backstitch several times for strength.

Cut off all those loose threads and you are finished!!

It’s ready to load with your favorite pencils!

I hope you find this tutorial helpful.  Happy sewing!