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Hi I’m Karen! Welcome to my blog!  I am so happy to be on this creative journey with you. I’m really excited about quilts, fabric, color and design. Although, I went to school to be a grades teacher and spent 10 years in a classroom surrounded by lots of sweet and loving young children, my heart has always been drawn to art and textiles. Growing up with a beautiful, spunky grandmother who surrounded (although never really taught) my siblings and I with love and all things crafty, in addition to teaching us yoga and how to play a mean game of “penny poker”,  I have a strong bond for the charm of quilts and handmade goods. In my now “grown up” world I find myself drawn to a variety of art and modern design. My work tends to be a blend of both, I think of it as “charming modern” or is it “modern charm”! Whatever you call it, one thing is for certain, it’s always changing! My impulsive nature and love of variety compels me to create work that is a manifestation of what I’m feeling on a given day, week, month. I’m completely self taught, so I share not only my quilting successes but also the process of learning as I go!

three "blooming poppies"

Although my creative journey, is a huge guiding element in my life, my three daughters are my most cherished inspiration.

A basting break with Miss A

In this blog space you’ll find me talking mostly about creating quilts, a bit of knitting, some random crafty thoughts, but it wouldn’t be complete for me, without the occasional mention of my outings and crafty experiments with my three little “blooming poppies”.  And although he’s kind of shy, so I don’t mention him often, much of my ability to do what I do here is due to the love and support of my awesome husband!

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Have a beautiful, inspired day!!!

Please feel free to contact me at kanderson.abraham@gmail.com if you are interested in knowing more about my work.