Okay friends, another big week ahead and a lot of fun sewing! Last week we focused on making the HST block unit and the four patch square. Whoo, that was a lot of sewing! Depending on the size quilt you’re making, that may have required some late night/early morning sewing sessions.  Don’t worry however, if you’re feeling behind, next week will be a catch up week. Just keep sewing, you’re doing great!


Top Row of Journey Home Block- Ruby Star Stellar

This week, we’ll be focusing on putting all the block units together to create the finished block.  Using your pattern details you’ll sew your block together.  Since you have all the units ready to go, the finished blocks come together pretty fast!

IMG_9069 2

The most important step here will be aligning your seams and points as you sew your block units together in rows.  Is this alignment a crucial step that will make or break your quilt? No, but it’s nice if they are at least close to matching.  Mine are pretty darn good but not perfect,  and I have learned to just be okay with that.  I love the saying, “if you don’t notice it from a galloping horse, then it’s not a mistake”!

IMG_9101 2

I like to give each row a good press open, using the tip of my iron.  If you are not an open seam kind of quilter and you would rather press to the side, just keep in mind that you’ll want to alternate the direction of your seam.  For example, if you press the seams in the top row to the left, then you’ll want to press the next (middle row) to the right.  This will allow you to nest your seams with ease and accuracy.

IMG_9100 2

So after you get your rows of all three units sewn together, you are ready to then sew the rows to one another in order to complete the block. I start by matching the seams on either side of the diamond in a square block.  Just as you did with the four patch unit, align flat seams and pin in place.

Journey Home Quilt Block construction-Blooming Poppies

I recommend pinning the flat seam down and catching the underside seam too.  This will ensure that both top and bottom seams remain open when you sew them together. When these are as close as I can get them, I move out on either side and repeat.

Journey Home Quilt Block - Blooming Poppies Designs

After your rows are sewn together, give your block one more press to get your seams nice and flat!  And, you’re done!  I’m so excited to see your blocks on IG!  The progress shots so far have been amazing and I’m loving what you all are creating.

As always, let me know via IG messenger, comment here on the blog, or email if you have any questions.  Have a great week!

Twisted Threads Fabric

Our prize this week is a generously donated pack of New Beginnings Aurifil thread by Marcie at Twisted Threads Fabric and a generous scrap pack Ruby Star Stellar from me!! Good luck!