Hi there!  So last weekend I made the rather impulsive decision to hand quilt a pretty large quilt. My Ruby Star Stellar version of my Journey Home Quilt measures about 54″ x 72″ and will be for my youngest daughter’s bed.  We are both so excited however I’m not much of a hand quilter…… at least not yet!  I’ve played around with hand quilting over the years and have LOVED it however just always felt too intimidated, rushed, tired, etc. to sit down and embrace the learning phase of this new skill.

Journey Home Quilt- Karen Anderson Abraham

Finished quilt top using Ruby Star Stellar line by Rashida Coleman Hale.

This quilt, however is so special to me (as you can likely tell from the amount of times I have posted about it :-)LOL….. and I have enjoyed the making of it so much that I think I just don’t want it to end.

Journey Home Quilt by Blooming Poppies (wool batting)

So AFTER basting I decided to hand quilt this one (note to self, do it the other way around next time).  After being totally inspired by @kaylahardy and her beautiful hand quilting, I decided to give Baptist Fans a go.


Using the @patchworkandpoodles hand quilting tutorial, I bumbled my way through the first couple of fans.  Getting around the pins was really my biggest challenge!  I’m starting to get the hang of it and after seeing @jamesandgracie’s posts,  I decided to recruit my youngest daughter to help with the stitching.


It will, after all be her quilt, so makes sense that she would have a hand at quilting it, right!?  I know that quilting this together will make this quilt that much more special in the coming years and that little bit of warm fuzzy keeps me stitching and supporting her to do the same.


I was actually really surprised at how much she enjoyed the process, AND how quickly she took to it!  She is not exactly a handwork kind of girl normally and tends to opt out of sedentary activities.  But this was/is exciting to her because “every time you get to take a safety pin out, you know you’re getting closer to seeing the finished quilt!”


I am hopeful to move off of this block by the end of today and keep the momentum going for all the rest of the eleven 18″ blocks!! Yikes!  Just so happy to have a special helper for this sweet project and a meaningful activity to keep our hands busy this summer.   Off to quilt some more stitches.  Stay tuned for further progress.

Just a reminder, the Journey Home Quilt a Long  starts on Monday!  It’s definitely not too late to sign up and grab your PDF copy of the pattern.   Hope to meet you there!