Hi friends!  This week I was able to baste my second #journeyhomequilt!  This is the youth bed size version from my pattern and will happily be going to my youngest daughter.  She is the only one who does not yet have a handmade quilt for her bed!! I know, I know how IS that possible? Well, I’m doing it now, that’s all that matters.

Journey Home Quilt top by Blooming Poppies

Any of you who follow me on Instagram know how much I’ve enjoyed creating this quilt. These Ruby Star fabrics were such a dream to work with and it was so great knowing that I was putting my solid stash to good work.  Are there things I would have done differently for this quilt? Yes, but I love it nonetheless.  Okay, so who here loves wool batting?  Well I’m late to the game I guess, but it’s my new favorite batting hands down.


I made the decision to use wool batting for a variety of reasons.  One, I’ve been trying to hone in on a batting material that is sustainable and more environmental than traditional cotton batting…. which I have used and loved for years. I’ve also tried Bamboo and feel it’s a great option, especially for anyone who may have a wool allergy.   Two, I wanted something that was lighter in weight for a more versatile feel and because my daughter is one of those kiddos who tends to run warm, but loves to cuddle. I chose Quilter’s Dream brand on a recommendation from a friend and then learned that it is also perhaps a bit more environmentally friendly than some others due to the thermal or heat bonding as opposed to being bonded with resin, which is a chemical treatment.  One drawback friends, this alternative is more pricy so I will be choosy as to how often and for what projects I use it.   If you’d like further information on wool batting, please check this post!

Journey Home Quilt by Blooming Poppies- Quilted by Jill Johnson

After having my first #journeyhomequilt come back to me from Jill @jocoterie (who also uses Quilter’s Dream as her go to wool batting), the long arm quilter I sent it to,  and be so utterly gorgeous and irresistibly touchable, I just had to try it myself.  But I do not own a long arm machine nor would I know what to do with it if I did!

Journey Home Quilt by Blooming Poppies (wool batting)

But seriously, can you believe how light and fluffy this is?  It actually is a quilter’s dream!  So now the decision on how to quilt this beauty!  It’s a larger quilt than I’ve worked with in many years and I’m a little daunted by the thought of putting it under my Bernina.  On the other hand, I’m a lot daunted by putting it on my lap throughout the hot summer months in my non air conditioned home, to hand quilt it since I don’t have a lot of experience with quilting by hand and I’m soooo slow.


I’ve been learning many new things lately and I’m leaning toward taking on this one too.  I think it might feel more satisfying in the end to know that I quilted it by hand however it will take me ten times as long to finish!  Maybe I set a goal to have it done by her October birthday!?  What would you all do?  Machine or hand quilt?  Have you tried wool batting yet?  Do you have a favorite type of batting that you love?

And just for the record and because I think it’s important….. while this post is not about the tragic events occurring in our country right now and for the last few hundred years, I stand firmly with all people of color and the black lives matter movement to help liberate them from oppression caused by systemic racism!  In case you were wondering.