Hi There,

Just a couple of weeks away from releasing my Journey Home Quilt out into the world and I am SO excited to share this one with you all.  First off, if you haven’t already done so, please find my new email sign up link and add yourself to it so I can send you updates and news about all the stuff I don’t write about here on the blog!! Which is actually quite a lot:-0!!  Join me on Instagram if you want a more active and frequent deep dive into blooming poppies land.  Although I’m trying to check in here more often and share more tips and tricks, as well as updates on my work, I find that, especially lately, I just don’t really have the time to do both.  All three kiddos home schooling suddenly, kind of changed my rhythm around here.  I’m sure many of you get that all too well.

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Anyway, I’m working on my very first QAL for the Journey Home Quilt and I’d be thrilled and honored if you’d join me.  This will be my 6th pattern but my first QAL!!  I actually have kind of no idea how to host a QAL, so be prepared for some randomness…. but mostly I’ll have it pulled together:-)!   We’ll go week by week and I will support and instruct you (along with the pattern- available in my shop May 27th) in creating your own unique Journey Home Quilt!


Journey Home Quilt- Blooming Poppies

I will share things that have worked for me and you can do the same- I want to hear from you guys along the way- also get feedback on fabric choices, layout (there are so many ways to take this design), process, and just all things quilty.  This is such a great opportunity for beginning quilters to get questions answered and start building community with other quilters.


Journey Home Quilt- Blooming Poppies (in progress)

There are so very many ways to enjoy this quilt pattern and create your own unique layout.  In the pattern, I give you several possible layouts if you are up for the small task of taking on a bit of quilt math to determine fabric needs.  We will talk about some of these options and I can walk you through how to change it up to meet your vision.  We will also talk about different methods of creating block units within the pattern, what to do with scraps leftover from block units, how to trim block units, etc.  

Journey Home Quilt- Ruby Star Stellar Version

Journey Home Quilt- Blooming Poppies

My hope is that we can make some new quilty friends,  and have some fun while working on this little pattern.  I’m so excited to share this experience with you all and hope you’ll decide to come along for the ride. The pattern will be available in my new Shopify site on May 27th.  It is beginner friendly, has 5 size options (some that can be made with fat eighths or fat quarters)  I plan to begin our QAL a few weeks later to give you all some time to get the pattern and process what is needed.  If you want to join the fun, enter your name and email in the pop up box to receive news and updates.  Hope to quilt a long with you soon!