I could say, it really all starts with this one lonely little block and then expands like a slowly blooming flower, however it actually starts with my abundant scrap bins that overflow with colors that make me NEED to sew them together!


That is how this little improv piece here took root a few weeks back.  I had been doing a bit more block based designs as I was working on some potential quilt patterns and a few baby quilts for my shop, and needed a change of pace, to get back to what I know and love best.

IMG_9140It feels so good to me to just take my rotary cutter and begin sewing together pieces.




One of most favorite parts of improv quilting is playing around with placement using my design wall.  I place and re place sections over and over.

IMG_9147 2

I look through the lens of my camera often as this gives me such a different perspective and often I see things I didn’t see before.  At some point, I never know if it’s quite the “right” point, but at some point I stop and sew it all together.  I have been known to go back in and add more as the piece does not actually feel finished.  But, I trust my instincts to know when enough is enough.


There are so many ways to “do” improv.  I like to use my rotary cutter and my quilt ruler.  While the ruler isn’t usually to measure size, I do need it to help me make a clean cut. Those clean cuts, help my sections that I eventually sew together, to lay flat and be sewn at an accurate 1/4 inch seam.



I have enjoyed working on this piece so much.  I was able to incorporate so much of what I love, log cabins, stripes and of course my favorite block du jour, the always versatile and fun HST.

Still in the process of quilting this one, so I’ll let you all know how it turns out.