Hi there!!  Just popping in real quick to share my recent quickie project using my most popular and widely used potholder tutorial, thanks for all the love on this one throughout the years.

IMG_9199I recently began going through my overflowing scrap bins (I just can’t seem to part with fabric, even down to the tiniest scrap), for a separate project and realized that I had a number of perfectly sized strips to create more of these little trivets.  IMG_9222I couldn’t resist pairing together these fun and cheery colors and prints for a new set.  For this set, I used cotton batting rather than Insulbrite, just a personal, creative choice.  If you really intend and need for your trivets/potholders to serve as traditional pot holders, then I would recommend the Insulbrite as it deflects the heat and allows you to touch a hot pan (for a short time-enough to get from oven to counter).  In our home we use these on the table for our family style dinners.  They are a landing place for the pots of soup, bowls of rice, etc.

IMG_9213I decided these needed a bit of hand stitching to give it that extra bit of charm(as you can see, I’m still working on an even straight stitch :-)).  I often machine quilt these-  again,  personal choice and for me, based a lot on the look of the finished piece.

IMG_9208Anyway, they come together with ease and are really satisfying to make.  I invite you to check out my tutorial or, for those of you less inclined to DIY it, check my shop for more of these already made pairs of handmade sweetness.