Although I finished this one many weeks back, I’m just now getting around to posting about it.  My officially finished Shelter Quilt was so fun to create and probably the first complete project that I feel really excited and good about since I started back to quilting recently.


I still recall the day, I put these colors together on my EQ8 Program along with this arrangement of large scale HSTs.  It was one of those “aha” moments where I actually jumped out of my seat with excitement over how these colors worked together.  I knew I was going to LOVE this quilt!


So I got right to work.  Fortunately I had all the Kona colors I needed to make it work (actually the reason I put these colors together in the first place).  It came together fairly quickly since I cut large squares and it’s a small wall hanging quilt. It was a great chance for me to re acquaint myself with a classic old school quilting basic- the half-square triangle.


This quilt was an exercise in careful, precise cutting, consistent seam allowances, mindful pressing, and seam nesting, all skills that are not necessarily ones I typically employ in my improv work. Then I got to try a new skill, mitered borders. This was actually much easier than I expected.  This tutorial was incredibly helpful!

IMG_7867 IMG_8019

I decided to keep it modern with more straight lines.  This, of course, called for my walking foot and 1″ spaced lines, along with my favorite Aurafil thread.  Just a bit of thread burying and she was all set to bind.


Still finishing up a hanging sleeve and then this one has a home in our hallway.  I’m certain this is a quilt I will be making more of in a variety of color combos.  It’s fun to create, comes together really quickly and makes for a bold, modern finish!