I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get very impulsive with quilting designs.  Many months back, I had a clear vision for a block design that I wanted to create.  Since I had sort of just recently returned to sewing, my fabric stash was a bit low and partially still packed away.  I grabbed what I could find in a color combo that I figured would work okay, and got started(apologies for the terrible lighting below).


Not thinking much about where this was going to go, I started creating some prototypes, just some improv strips with a bit of uniformity.  I really ended up liking them and the color combo as well.  Surprise, surprise!  What to do now though,  as I only had enough of these colors to create a couple and a half blocks…..I’ll deal with these later…..this project got shelved.

IMG_7860I recently rediscovered them and decided to make something happen with them as they were just too pretty to me, to let them go to waste.


So I wondered what they might look like as a zippered pouch.

IMG_8134They happened to be just the right size for a knitting project bag like so many that I have made in the past, although never with any of my improv squares.  I really like how it turned out and will be creating more.  You can find this one in my Etsy shop!