In the spirit of getting back to basics, after a nearly 5 year hiatus, I decided to revisit the trusty and ever faithful half square triangle, often referred to affectionately as the HST!  We all know them and love them, they are tried and true, full of possibility and ever so basic and easy to create.  Seems like a good place to focus for a bit. fullsizeoutput_4942So after diving in a bit too deep,when I first got back to sewing recently,  with my Portal Quilt, I decided that for me, right now, LESS is MORE!!  While I love my Portal Quilt design, visually, it’s not a quilt I personally am equipped to create successfully at this point(although I of course encourage all of those skilled paper piecing quilters to have a go at it).  I therefore found myself frustrated and doubtful about my abilities as a quilter.  That is NOT how I wanted to feel upon returning.  I will definitely be re visiting this quilt as I am excited about it’s potential, however, for me it was time to shelve it for a bit.

img_7423 My Shelter Quilt design on the other hand,  is modern, clean, minimal,  and…….. easy to create.  What could be better in my opinion?!  Working with color basics, layout, and of course the nitty gritty construction of the actual quilt, was really good for me in order to feel successful about my capabilities as a quilter/designer.

img_7306I designed this layout on my EQ8 program and the moment I put these colors together and shifted around the blocks in this layout, it was as if the heaven’s opened up and the angels began to sing hallalujah!   I was so excited to begin creating and try my hand at matching some basic seams! For this improv quilter, that continues to be a struggle!

fullsizeoutput_4974.jpegSince I knew that a bit of practice was likely necessary, I decided to make a small layout with some 4.5″ HSTs.  It was so fun and I felt pretty good about the way my points matched up, not perfect, but good enough for me.

fullsizeoutput_496efullsizeoutput_4971So I was ready to go for it with my 9.5″ HSTs.  I started with 10″ squares and sewed and cut them down to 9.5″ finished blocks.  img_7471The finished quilt top came together quickly and since I was precise in my cutting, sewing, pressing and pinning, the points matched up mostly as I wanted them too and I was pleasantly surprised with the end result.  I added mitered borders so this quilt finishes at 45×45″.  I’m excited to get on to quilting this one!


I hope to have a more detailed process post on this quilt, similar to a tutorial, for those of you who are new to HSTs or quilting in general, up on the blog soon! I will be sharing the colors I used here, tips for constructing your final layout, how to get really clean and precise blocks, etc.    If that is something you would be interested in, I’d love to know!