Please be patient with this very last minute post that I felt compelled to write while I’m actually needing to get the kiddos to bed.  I am so happily blown away by the talent out there in the quilting world, more specifically the modern quilting world that I just had to write a bit about it.  Have you all seen the newest quilts that have been accepted(and even those that haven’t) to Quilt Con Nashville for next year?  Are you kidding me?  The level of talent and innovative creativity is astounding!

The Modern Quilt movement was so exciting to me when I first began to learn of it.  This was, around the time, I think, that the Modern Quilt Guild was beginning to develop its roots .  I identified with it right away and was so creatively inspired.  When I entered my very humble and relatively immature and quirky little improv quilt into the Quilt Con ring in 2012 for the first ever Quilt Con in Austin Texas, the following February, I was more than a little shocked to find out it was accepted into the show! I must admit, I cringe just a bit looking at it 6 years later……don’t get me wrong, there is so much I love about it and yet so much I would do differently now.  This quilt represents a lot (another blog post)for me so will always be a favorite of mine.

Me and my Sing It Out Loud Quilt at Quilt ConAttention to detail- Quilt Con

To be able to attend however, and be a part of something this new and groundbreaking was really special…regardless of a quilt in the show.    The classes, the people, the QUILTS, the first chance to sleep in a bed alone in 12 years(slight exaggeration, but you get the idea)….. ahh, heaven…. but I digress.

Getting ready to baste

By the time this convention rolled around in February 2013, I was so very in love with the process of quilting that I was ecstatic to be a part of it. To be with a so many others who loved modern quilts as much as I did was amazing and food for my creative soul.

The way this community has come together and evolved to such a high degree is fascinating!  The words “modern quilting” are no longer met with as many inquisitive or puzzled looks as they once were.  There is a huge culture that exists now around the world ….. and it is made up of some kick ass quilters!   Women and men from all walks of life, generations, ethnicities, religious groups, political and social affiliations, etc., we all just seem to NEED to create!  Our chosen medium happens to be fabric, among others I’m sure, for many.

circle quilting #3

I remember even in 2013, feeling woefully unworthy somehow to have my quilt hanging alongside the others who had been chosen.  However now, six years later,  I see that not only the quilts that are accepted into the next Quilt Con in 2019 in Nashville, but even the so called “rejects” are so extraordinarily inspired,  modern and frankly, jaw droppingly gorgeous that I realize how deeply the aesthetic of modern quilting and quilters has grown. I am proud and thrilled that my little improv was accepted all those years ago, and even more so, to be a part of this community (and also realize how much I want to up my game so to speak)…. an evolving and unabashed group of creatives, many of whom in the midst of working a full time job and/or caring for their children in the chaotic fray of life at times, are called to create and find the time to craft these awe inspiring works of art!  Even though life called me away from the community for years, I continued to have a creative longing for the craft, the process and the quilt!  Maybe I’ll even enter another quilt one of these days….2020?!

Modern quilters, thank you for doing what you do.  I can only continue to aspire to reach my own new artistic heights, push my creative edge and challenge my self to grow as a quilter and an artist. With so much gratitude to the Modern Quilting community who believed in my little improv years ago and allowed me to fully step onto my path as a quilter, and the Modern Quilt Guild, I say…. keep doing you!

Lastly,  major props and congratulations to all of you whose quilts made it Quilt Con 2019 Nashville!  They are outstanding! If you haven’t already go to #quiltcon to see the quilts I’m referring to.