So throw pillow covers are definitely  turning into one of my favorite things to create! fullsizeoutput_490cA few weeks back, I completed a log cabin-y block made out of some of my most favorite linens and an interesting variety of scraps that I’ve been enjoying working with lately.

fullsizeoutput_48beWhile I generally tend to create log cabin blocks that are more improv pieced and less measured and straight, I decided to go more traditional (I know, still not that traditional… or that straight).

IMG_5071I work with a great deal of linen and over the years, I have managed to fill quite a large scrap bin with a beautiful variety.  I also dug out my yarn dyed Indian indigos and some locally screen printed scraps, along with some old designer scraps I acquired years ago at my favorite localish fabric store- Superbuzzy!

IMG_5072I really love all the texture, these different fabrics give the piece.  They are some of my favorites!

fullsizeoutput_48bfAfter creating this block with no other thing in mind other than wanting to see these fabrics together in a log cabin variation, I decided to quilt it up with some clean vertical lines (sorry for the weird blur in this photo- portrait mode is not always my friend).

fullsizeoutput_490afullsizeoutput_490e7FrDJyuiQK2ag5tuuefYCQIt hung on my wall for a bit before I realized that it needed to be a pillow cover!  So my new favorite way to create a pillow back is a very basic, minimal linen envelop closure, which turned out to be quick, easy and functional

EMcaw27AR9mHHDaGLVfTXQI love this pillow (16 X 16) so much, I’ll need to scrounge up some more of these fabrics in my bins to make a partner for it.  It happens to be listed solo right now (sold) in my Etsy shop if you are interested and don’t want to wait for the pair!  So I guess for me, right now, as a busy mom with three busy daughters, one whom I am homeschooling, I’m all about projects that I can complete in less time than the quilts I made for years, but that still allow me the freedom to be creative and pay attention to the details that are important.

Now, it’s back to pies and cranberry sauce!  Have a lovely Thanksgiving!