One of my goals this weekend was to baste this quilt that has been lovingly tucked away since we moved out of our old home, almost 5 years ago now, and into our little downtown cottage.  We were recently able to add on to our space and I now have a studio to create again!! Yay!  It’s been fun to go through my old starts, scraps, etc., and find a couple of old finished quilt tops.

This particular top is one I loved creating with my massive amount of scraps that I had at the time, back in 2013, and wanted to utilize in a creative way.  I used my Half Square Triangle-Scrappy Strings method  to create the squares, and my design wall to come up with a layout for them.  I wanted something that felt traditional with a twist- modern, yet  charming!

After trying out several options(old photos above), I finally decided to just commit to something and sew them together!  I think it might have been my very first sewing project in our new home. Back when I was occupying an entire corner of our only living space in order to keep sewing!

Scrappy Strings- Untitled basting closeup

Now, all these years later, I can’t remember how I might have envisioned quilting it and have become very drawn to hand quilting- although I have no idea where I think I’ll find the time for that.

Scrappy Strings- Untitled basting

I love this quilt as it is right now.  It’s sometimes scary to me to put it under the needle of my hand or machine and start quilting. With some quilts, the design will just come to me as I’m piecing it or basting it.  I just know!  But with this this one…..not happening!  What if I choose wrong, don’t like the design?  It’s just so permanent!!  Do any of you all feel like that or am I just overthinking it?

Scrappy Strings- Untitled ready to baste

I hope to conquer my fears (ha) and commit to something today so I can get started on completion of this long overdue Scrappy Strings quilt project.  Please send creative genius energy my way, if you happen to have some to spare!

PS. Happy Veteran’s Day!