As some of you may already know, I’m a big fan of using as many of my scraps as possible…..you too right?


If you’re anything like me you just love fabric so much that the thought of tossing away even the smallest little bit of your beloved designer print, special linen blend or vintage cotton is just too much to bear (couldn’t help that extra bit of over dramatic emphasis).


I recently had a vision of a soft yet modern color palette and found a ton of scraps to fit the color scheme I had in mind.  I created a series of four improv log cabins (getting back to my roots) where I included some of my own naturally dyed fabrics along with my much loved scraps.


After creating a wall hanging/baby quilt with all these scraps, I just didn’t feel the project was complete and I still had plenty of these scraps left over so decided a matching pillow cover was in order.


Not sure what step I enjoy more, the piecing or the the quilting!


I had so much fun with this project.  I had forgotten how satisfying creating pillow covers could be.  Once I remembered how to create the envelope back closure, I was hooked!


As I still had yet another small pile of matching scraps and plenty of linen (of course) I figured, why not make two pillows?!  I’m so excited about these pillow covers! This scrappy project was creatively liberating, not to mention,  just plain fun, AND I was able to utilize a sizable pile of scraps.



As soon as I finish quilting the matching wall hanging/baby quilt, I will have all of them listed in my Etsy shop!