Hi and happy Tuesday!  I hope you enjoyed a nice long weekend.  Just wanted to share my recent finish with you all.


In my opinion, it’s always a big deal to finish a quilt.  Right? If you really consider how many hours, how much energy and love for the craft that goes in to each quilt……it’s pretty amazing.


This particular quilt was a love of mine many years back when we lived in our old house and I was a consistent sewer,  my kiddos were young and on a limited school schedule with no extra curricular activities.  Life just had a slower, slightly sweeter pace. Long days at home picking fruit, making lemonade, playing in the yard, making fairy villages, NAPS, and for me, lots of sewing and quilting, etc.


This was the last piece I finished just before we moved out of that home into our little “cottage” and I had to pack things up not really knowing when our how I would quilt again. That was a hard time.  Well, I never forgot about this little quilt, with it’s mixture of modern and charming that I am continually drawn to, this little quilt that was all but complete except for the binding!


We were fortunate enough to build a studio space for me to begin working again and I was recently able to finish the binding.   After four and a half years, I was surprised to realize that it’s a bit like riding a bike…….it all comes back!


This little quilt is officially complete and has had it’s first wash and tumble dry to give it that extra bit of quilty charm, and it it now (sold) listed in my Etsy Shop.  fullsizeoutput_485f

Thanks for stopping in to my blog today. Have a great week!