I had almost forgotten how fun this was…..having a design vision, picking out the color palette, finding the bits and pieces and bringing it all together one seam at a time. It feels so great to be back in the studio creating from scratch again!


While I love crafting bags and totes, the process of designing a one of a kind quilt from  beginning to end is artistically and creatively, so satisfying!


After seeing the Gees Bend exhibit this summer at the Met, I was re-inspired and once again drawn to improv design and log cabin blocks of every kind.


This one, in a very soft and sweet color palette, is made up of mostly scraps and neutral tones, with of course, a pop of dark, here and there.  I am still playing with how I’ll surround these blocks.  Likely a neutral background, just not sure if I want to  go with a light off  white, or this luxurious taupe/gray linen blend!! No doubt though, I’ll enjoy the process of figuring it out!