Like, no doubt, many of you, I often feel like there are so many things calling out for my attention; running the household, “managing” one of my daughters’ crazy ballet schedule/life, getting my other daughters to all the places they need to be,  preparing to homeschool one of them this school year (ha, yes, that is for a later post),  attempting to fit any self-care in there……..and then of course there is sewing…….or any craft/hobby/passion that feeds you….. where do we fit that in during the course of our busy days?  Well anyone who has read my blog for any time, likely knows this is and continues to be, my dilemma. Perhaps it is yours as well!?


What I have discovered recently is the effectiveness of perpetual motion(not literally but…..) in claiming my craft.  If I stay on a steady, not unreasonable schedule,  of sewing on a pretty regular basis, I feel like it’s more sustainable for me.


I just keep sewing, even if it’s a bit of hand sewing on a binding, or piecing some bags together.  It’s a way to keep the momentum and continue claiming that little piece of what’s just mine.


This little practically vintage top –finished back in 2014, has been keeping me motivated. I really fell in love with this little creation and am enjoying my new inspiration to finally finish it up.


While I usually machine bind all my quilts, this one was calling out to be sewn by hand so it’s obviously taking a bit longer and is an additional labor of love.  Anyway, when this one is finished….. and when my fingers start to hurt too much, I’m on to an assortment of other fun projects.  I have simply decided to carve out the time for this passion of mine and claim it as a part of my daily life….now if I could just do that with a bit of hearty exercise too…;-)