Recently, my middle daughter needed to change her bed cover to something lighter and cooler.  After taking her heavy down duvet cover off her bed, she discovered her mama made quilt that was her year round bed cover for years.


To my delight, she excitedly chose to use that one again.  It had been retired for a few years as she got older and less inclined to show off her handmades from mom! I knew she would come around again someday:-)!

fullsizeoutput_47f9She has been happily enjoying this little bit of comfort and an occasional trip down memory lane, with it’s little tidbits of many of her old dresses and baby clothes sprinkled in for extra sweetness.

fullsizeoutput_47fcI love the inclination to create a variety of items…..sometimes I’m in the mood to craft something sweet and charming, other times the clean, modern lines of a wall hanging piece are what’s calling to me.  No matter what is created, while the end product is satisfying, it’s the process of creation that really gives me inspiration and joy!

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