Hi! I hope you’re all having a great week so far.  Somehow, in the midst of getting my eldest daughter off to her first day of eighth grade and continuing to enjoy summer with my other two (who don’t start school for a couple of weeks) I have been able to honor this rare creative streak and have some fun in my sewing room.  cyypIF+YRTKwxaQsIGKr7gfullsizeoutput_47e3fullsizeoutput_47e6I love playing around with different fabric combinations and all of the colorful variety of vintage and Japanese import fabric that I have in my stash!  Each of my bags is meticulously made with every attention to detail and only high quality designer fabric and finishes.  One of my favorite moments in crafting these bags is the moment after I stitch that last stitch and take the bag from under the needle to inspect and appreciate the finished product.

fullsizeoutput_47c7Of course only the ones that pass the quality and the “would I buy this?” aesthetic test, make it into my shop.   Please come take a look and while you’re there, “favorite” my shop to stay updated on new items. Hoping to get some new, lovely baby quilts in the shop soon as well.


BPoppiesHandmade= Blooming Poppies Modern Designs