Everyday I have another chance to remind myself of all there is to be grateful for.  True that I often fail to do this….. however, the opportunity is there.


These days, I am grateful that the recent rain did not pour down as expected for my Montecito neighbors who have been through so much recently.  I am grateful for the exquisitely beautiful days we’ve been experiencing here in my neck of the woods and the way the sun light feels extra shiny and crisp! I am grateful for the internet/Instagram  and the ability to check out the incredible photos of all the quilts and quilters I missed at the most recent Quilt Con in my own back yard-even though I didn’t get to attend!! I am grateful for the sweet sound of my youngest daughter enjoying the chance to play a new song on her guitar with such ease and joy!


But at this moment, on this day,  I am especially grateful for my soon to be finished creative space, and the ability to work in it during the day while kiddos are at school.  I am also grateful for a husband who supports my dream of being able to create in a room of my own!   Sewing, creating, working is like fuel and I have been running on fumes lately so I am literally counting the days until I’m up and running again.

Lastly, I am grateful for all of you who have continued to visit, read, care,  and have waited it out while I figure out how to get back to this world of creating and writing.  Grateful for all you new comers as well.  I hope to have some work to share with you soon.  As always, thanks for joining me throughout all or some of this creative journey.

What do you find yourself grateful for these days?


ps. since I am kind of low on inspiring, beautiful photos at the moment, I took the liberty of sharing some free Google photos (above)…… didn’t even know that was a thing