Top of mind words to describe my ideal creative work space.  As I inch closer and closer to having a room of my own again, I realize that because it’s such a small space, I will have to be super creative and intentional about how I use it.  I’ve always been a believer in restraints being the mother of good design.  We’ll see…….

One of my favorite tools to help me formulate ideas and get tips about how to create the most ideal  space I can is Pinterest, of course.  My Space to Create board  is where I have been keeping most of my ideas.  I suppose Pinterest is basically the modern day version of old magazine photos that we used to cut out in “the old days” and keep in our inspiration binders- that wasn’t just me was it?



The practicality of the above photo….. love the sturdy cutting table with shelving.



Look at all this colorful efficiency!  Love the way the pegboard is used here and I think drawers for fabric scraps and such would be great, although it would take discipline to keep them organized.


But I want it to feel as Zen like as this photo!! Aaahhh, that natural light!!!


So how do I make my space look and feel pleasant, dare I say, pretty, and uncluttered and have it still be functional, busy and productive.  I mean let’s face it, some of the photos I look at of these rooms I fear will only serve to make me feel completely unworthy!  Not a scrap in sight, no kids toys strewn about, no half finished projects tucked into the corners, everything neatly in its proper place.  Does anyone actually work in these rooms?  Joking aside, obviously these are inspiration photos and I need to keep in mind they do not look like this everyday.  These photos are inspiring, full of great ideas and awesome hacks (pegboards have never looked so good) I never would have thought of and sometimes just pure eye candy for creatives.

What are some of your guiding principles when considering your ideal creative work space?  Where do you go for inspiration?  Is functional or aesthetic more important?  Can I achieve both?   Just some of what’s on my mind as we enter into this new year!  May 2018 be full of new and exciting endeavors and continued inspiration.