Do you ever find yourself in need of an inspiration jolt?  I do!  Recently I have become happily reinvigorated by my love of quilts.  While I adore the new, modern quilts that are being created by many (myself included), I often find that I gravitate toward the pure and folksy quilts that came out of  18th, 19th and 20th Century America.  It is satisfying to me to be reminded that quilts came to be out of necessity and evolved into a creative outlet for women,  one that often fostered and nourished community and purpose in what could have been a lonely and sometimes dreary existence.  I love the idea that current quilters are carrying on a cherished tradition, we have made it our own and brought a new impulse to it, but it is rooted in deep love and nurturing for family and community. Beautiful!! That is how I see it anyway.  Does that mean that my next quilt will be a traditional Bethlehem Star, Barn Raising Log Cabin, Nine Patch or Bear’s Paw, etc.? No, likely not, however I can almost guarantee that I will often incorporate and be mindful of the pure, traditional elements of many of these designs.

If you should feel inclined to see some really beautiful and impressive examples of historical quilts, here is a link to an online gallery of sorts called 1stdibs!  Check out some of the prices for these quilts!!!!  It says a lot that they become more expensive and valuable over time, not less.  Enjoy and let the inspiration flow!