Hello!  Anybody there?  I know it’s been a while, over two years actually!  I am beyond ecstatic to report that after almost 4 years of being without my dedicated sewing space, we have finally broken ground on our back yard studio that will be the new home of Blooming Poppies Modern Quilts and Creations.  When we moved to our little cottage in 2014, I no longer had the luxury of a space to create quilts.  I tried for a short while to create only bags and attempt to run my Etsy shop again, however that proved to be too demanding on the family as I essentially took over our only living space.  So once again, things got put on a back burner until we could find a way to justify and financially fenagle a space for Blooming Poppies to begin to bloom again! I can hardly believe that by this coming spring, I will be designing and creating my quilts again in my own space…. somebody pinch me!  I have filled my life with so many other things (not hard to do with three young daughters) in order to “cope” with the void.  I have been away from all things quilty,  all the amazing and inspirational blogs I loved so much were just too hard to visit.  I now look forward to jumping back in to the world of quilting and creativity with you all and hope you’ll join me in my new beginning.  Any tips on setting up a productive sewing room in a small space?