Hi there! It’s been a while hasn’t it? LIfe can get pretty full and intense don’t you agree?  While very busy indeed, it has thankfully been full of mostly good, creative endeavors.

blooming poppies foldover clutch purse

My efforts and creative time have been spent coming up with new designs for my shop, and filling orders for friends and family (the clutch in the above photo was snatched up before I could get it listed).   Who knew this bag making thing could be so much fun?

bloomingpoppies foldover clutch purses

I, personally, have been in need of a small, just a bit sophisticated and ever so slightly trendy bag to use for those VERY rare occasions when I may dress up a bit.  My everyday, lovingly worn-in leather carry all just doesn’t seem to fit the bill when I’m heading out to dinner with the hubby or for a night out with the girlfriends- does chamomile tea at the corner coffee shop count as a night out?

bloomingpoppies leather foldover clutch purse

Being a huge fan of leather and indigo, I came up with this, one of many to come, little foldover clutch purse.

bloomingpoppies indigo dyed, leather foldover clutch purse

This particular one has already been spoken for and I have been asked to make several more for friends and friends of friends.  I’ll be quite a busy little elf this season.  I’m so grateful for the appreciation and love of a handmade item in my community and through Etsy.

bloomingpoppies- leather/indio foldover clutch

There are a few more non leather versions in my shop now and I am always happy to create a custom clutch for you or a favorite family member/friend.

bloomingpoppies- leather, indigo and ikat foldover clutch

I can make these out of leather (more colors on the way) and a colorful, designer upper fabric- I have lots of new hand dyed, homespun indigo from India.

bloomingpoppies- linen and designer cotton foldover clutches

I’m also happy to create a lovely, soft foldover clutch out of any variety of yarn dyed linen and designer fabric in my generous stash.  There are so very many possibilities.

I invite you to head over to my shop and see what’s cookin’ so far.  Foldover clutch purses are just one of the many modern and functional designs I have listed there, and there’s lots more to come, just need more hours in the day…….

Please stay tuned for more non “baggy” stuff in the near future as I have been feeling that oh so familiar draw to the almighty quilt once again.  I may, in spite of my extremely tiny work space, have to just make it work somehow.  Can’t fight the feeling….. 🙂