Well, it’s official!!  We’re moving!!!  That’s right after many months and much indecision about where and if to relocate, my dear other half and I have put a stake in the ground and decided to stay right here in sunny and lovely Santa Barbara!!!  We are so thrilled and grateful to be able to finally settle in to a home of our own in the town we love.  This decision, I’ll admit, comes with many emotions and mixed feelings for me.  For the last 4 plus years we have been blessed with the ability to rent a lovely home on a 2 acre lot in the foothills of SB….. as if that wasn’t enough, this home also provided me with my own dedicated sewing space!!!! A dream come true for a quilter right?!

That space is where I was first able to begin my journey as a modern quilter.  I created my blog here, I began using my design wall here, I taught myself so much about quilting and sewing here and learned so much about my own personal quilting style and aesthetic (although that is still constantly changing).  The luxury of this space is/was that I could just start and stop projects when I wanted/needed without having to worry about how the mess and tools and such would impact the rest of my family!  It seems for me a dedicated sewing space gave me the freedom to create as I wanted,  in my own time and my own space.  While I feel like I made great use of the space and accomplished much while we were here, now that I’m having to leave it, I’m realizing even more how fortunate I was to have it.  For those four years, I am grateful!

newly empty counter space

So, while I’m thrilled to be buying a home here, the sacrifice we make to be able to own a home in this ridiculously expensive town (gggrrrr- yes a bit of irritation over that), is one of size!!  We are going to be experiencing a different way of life in this considerably smaller space.   We are looking into the possibility of a yurt for our large backyard (which we will be able to use for addition/renovation space later on) , but until that happens, I will need to find a space to create in some little corner of our new and very tiny bungalow.  We are giving up the country to live in a more urban setting, walking distance to downtown, the SB Museum of Art, beautiful parks, the farmer’s market, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. All amazing and exciting-yes…. And, on top of that,  it’s ours, I can finally get chickens, make a garden space that the deer won’t devour, paint my walls (even if it’s just white), etc. But, I have no sewing space!!!!  EEEEK!!!!  As you can see, I’m quite torn….

packing up my sewing space

It’s exciting, yet scary at the same time.  I feel like I’m still in such the beginning phase of my life as a quilter and now I am packing it all up just hoping for some small fraction of the space I had.

DSC_1087 Now that I’ve become totally hooked and passionate about quilting I will be in the position that I’m sure many of you reading this are in, how to make space to create,  in a small home.  I realize I’m not alone and that it can be done.  The work of scaling down and simplifying our life has begun and my sewing space is no different (photo above is of a small fraction of what I have- keep or pack up?).

fabric stacks packed

 What can I live without, what are the bare essentials that I need to create what I’m drawn to creating?  That is the question I’m working on answering right now and in the days and weeks to come.

Background linens and scrap bins

Most of my fabric will need to be packed up in boxes for storage *** deep, sad sigh*** but I’m determined to keep some out and available and just challenge myself to work from just whatever small stash I allow myself.  Not sure yet what it will all look like but one thing is certain, it will be different!  Change is good and while a part of me is sad right now, another part is excited and hopeful and ready to embrace it all!!

I look so forward to sharing the next chapter of my quilting journey with you all.  I really enjoy this space and am so grateful you’ve come along for the ride.