Scrappy HST layout option

Scrappy HST design on the wall

Scrappy Style HSTs basted and ready for quilting

Scrappy HST Layout on the design wall

Scrappy HST Layout Option on the design wall

Scrappy HST Layout Option on the design wall

Hello there!  Welcome to my blog and a new year!  While I hesitate to make any grand goals about what I want to accomplish this year, my intention is to have a big year full of lots of quilting and crafty design goodness that I can share with you in this space.  If you’re new here please have a look around.  I’m happy you’ve come for a visit and I welcome you back anytime!  If you’re an oldie but goodie reader here, please beware, another Scrappy HST post ahead……(you can find my tutorial for them here).   🙂 I’ll admit I’m a bit obsessed.

Indeed, as many of you know, I’m a huge fan of scrappy HSTs!  I love the versatility of HSTs and the satisfaction I get from knowing that I’m using up as much of my fabric as I can.  The even smaller bits, I use to make my other most favorite block- improv log cabins!

While I haven’t had a ton of time lately to sew anything new, I did manage to find my way back to some WIPs that have been oh so patiently waiting for my return.  I had been experimenting with smaller sized (4 1/2″) Scrappy Style HSTs a while back, and while I played around with a few different layouts for them, I finally decided on a very clean and minimal design with a LOT of negative space.  I love the constrast of those sweet and charming little bits of scrappiness with the modern layout of the overall design.   I was finally able to baste this little 45″ square and now have to figure out what to quilt in all that negative space! It might be time to experiment with some new free motion designs, or go really modern with my walking foot- hhmmm?

I also, was just recently able to return to my larger 6 1/2″ HSTs from a few months ago.  I am still deciding on a final layout for them, kind of considering adding in a negative space border to create an HST Medallion of sorts.  I love having options to play with at the design wall,  but all those options also creates more pondering which often equals time- something I don’t seem to have much of these days.  Although it takes time, I must admit, it’s the playing around with all these design options that makes quilting so much fun to me.

What about you all, what is a favorite part about your quilting process?

I’m joining up today with Lee’s WIP Wednesday.