I recently had a request for several of my Scrappy Hot Pad/Pot Holders (tutorial here).  My mother-in-law wants to give them to her very dear group of friends with whom she exchanges many laughs and a small gift each Christmas.  She is always finding ways to support my sewing efforts and insists on paying full price….. in my shop!  Love you C!

stacked scrappy

Anyway, these are always so fun and satisfying to make.  She wanted randomly placed texty scraps in each one.  She and her group are quite the literary bunch! I also got to use up much of my scraps of designer (can you spot a few of your faves in there?) and Japanese import scrappy goodness.  So fun!

random, quirky, scrappy pot holder

I’m about halfway through my “order”.  Each pot holder is totally random and unique (kind of like C and her friends :-))!

top hanging loop

 I decided to place the hanging loop at the top of each one instead of on the corner so I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping it out of the way when I was sewing them up. Uh, not sure why I didn’t think of that before?

a stack of scrappy goodness for the kitchen

I hope you like these C. I’m having fun creating them!  Now back to work I go…….

a few more to sew up


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