I decided to join in on a little Blogger’s Quilt Festival fun!!  If you are coming from Amy’s site and you’re new here, welcome!!   I’m glad you’re here, please feel free to stay and look around if you like.  Comments are always welcome and invited- I love hearing from you!

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And for those of you who have visited here before, warm welcome back, I know it has been a while since I’ve posted.  Life has taken on a few too many things and quilting/sewing/blogging has been delegated to a fairly low spot on my list of priorities- for now.  Just a temporary state however and I look forward to more regular posts in the future (hopefully near).

Happy Scrappy Quilt- finished #1

But enough of that, let’s get right to my little and much loved (in our household) quilt as an entry for the Fall 2013 Blogger’s Quilt Festival.

basting day

This is a quilt I enjoyed working on so much and am so happy to see my middle daughter (the photographer of the above photo) cuddling up with each night as she drifts off to sleep.

Scrappy Strings quilts almost finised

In my original post about this back in April, you can read about all that went into this quilt.  It had a quite an involved journey into being and includes a few extra posts of explanation.  This was formerly called The Little Quilt the Could, as it almost ended up doomed in my UFO pile.

Miss A showing "her" scraps

My most favorite part of this quilt is that it allowed me to use up a huge amount of my favorie scrap material AND many of those scraps come from my daughter’s old dresses, shirts and skirts.

Happy Scrappy Quilt Back with birthday girlShe also loves helping me and basically designed the entire back of the quilt on her own.  This was super fun for both of us.  I have since added some handstitching with a lovely light blue shade of pearl cotton….. couldn’t resist giving it that extra bit of quilted charm.

Happy Scrappy Quilt close-up

For this quilt I used my HST Scrappy Style method and have since enjoyed working with all the variations of it in other quilts.  I really love the mix of modern and charming in this quilt, and as I gear up to start on my youngest daughter’s bed quilt, I’ll be keeping that “mix” in mind!

Happy Scrappy Quilt #2

I entered this quilt in the Scrappy Quilts Category on BQF this year.  If you haven’t already, I invite you to go on over and check out the other lovelies there.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the show……