You know how when you get together with an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while it’s sometimes hard to know where to start?  You have so much you want to share with each other?

I’m feeling a bit like that now, as I sit down to write and realize that it’s been almost a month since I’ve even attempted to write a post here. I’ve missed you all!!! *** big sigh*** Well life has been full and busy.  Last weekend, I was able to run a 10K here in SB with my dear sweet sis, who drove down from northern California to join me.

Post run exhuberance with sis We had a lovely and diverse weekend of wine tasting one day, and then running (along the path next to the ocean) the next. Glorious and expansive it was!!! It happened to fall on a weekend that we also had a family party, which I sadly had to miss but to which my husband and daughters attended out of town.   Quite rare for me to be able to enjoy an entire weekend of doing only those things that I want to do!!  And yes, I’m SO incredibly grateful that my body was healthy and strong enough to run/walk this race.  I have been feeling much better these days, on a healthy dose of yoga/walking and mindfulness about my stress level.  Although being creative in my sewing space generally has been a good thing in lifting my spirits and helping me forget the pain, I have not spent much time in there, until just a few days ago.    I have kind of been having this love/hate relationship with my creativity…… but that is a whole other post for a different day…… or not!!  🙂

I think most of the reason for my creative “struggle” is that I’m completely obsessed and preoccupied with my next bit of non-quilty related news– although not official yet, my husband and I are strongly considering moving our family to Portland Oregon!!!! I will leave out the why of it all for now, and just say that we are very excited as well as a bit scared and sad to leave our loving and sweet community here in SB.  Our plan is to be back within a year or so, but it’s still a big change and one that I meet with a variety of emotions on any given day.  If any of you all have any helpful or fun information about Portland (other than the rain factor- we continue to hear that from everyone), I love to know more.  So far I’ve been gathering tidbits of “PDX love” and storing them on my Pinterest board.  We are planning to fly up there next month and get more clarity about this town; so far we’ve heard nothing but great things.  However, don’t be shy, I want to know the good, the bad and the in between if you feel so inclined!!  I have of course already checked out the Portland Modern Quilt Guild to see what they are up to.  I’m excited to move to a town with a fabric shop, oh I mean several fabric shops (currently there are none in our town, that right there might be reason enough to move, right?– kidding)!!!!

one the design wall - Scrappy Strings Style HSTs

Lastly today, I did finally, just the other day, feel like getting back into my room to sew a few seams.  In an effort to deplete some of my overflowing scrap boxes before we attempt to move, I decided to make more Scrappy String Style HSTs – you can find my tutorial for these here!  These are so fun to make and I love all the layout options.  So far I’m just making to make.  Not sure where it’s going- likely a little baby play mat or crib quilt.  I certainly have enough scraps to make a larger quilt and if we do end up in Portland, I hear we’ll need a few more quilts around the house to snuggle up with.  I’ll let you know where these little 6.5 inch scrappy squares end up.

I’m linking up with Lee’s WIP Wednesday, can’t wait to go over and see what everyone is up to!!  Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!