You know those projects that you are working on and all the while you hear that little voice in your head saying “really???”  I’m not the only one that happens to am I?  Well, recently my little patchwork project became one of those….. questionable projects for me.  I love a sweet little patchwork just as much as the next quilter, but this one just wasn’t exactly singing to me!  I was feeling pretty, “meh” about it, maybe my particular aesthetic just craves more open, negative space or maybe it was the combination of colors….too much color, I had just been using the 2.5 inch (too small in my opinion) scrappy squares that I already cut last year and was determined not to add any new ones.

simple patchwork on the design wall

Whatever it was, it didn’t fully sink in until I was quite far along.  About 2/3 of the way through, I knew drastic measures must be taken in order for ME to be happy with the end result.  I just kept wanting more negative space, less…….. well less everything- color, print, squares.

scrappy patchwork star points

So upon remembering that I have the freedom (yes it is my work after all)  to transform this work into what I want/need it to be, I decided  to sacrifice a few squares,  okay a lot of squares, and turn it into a sweet and simple little scrappy star quilt!

scrappy patchwork star

I was tempted to make a few various sized stars for this quilt but I chose I guess to go in an even more minimal direction.  It looked a little stark to me at first but the scrappy binding pulls it all together for me.

scrappy star quilt back with label

Is this my favorite quilt that I’ve made? No, however I love that this quilt came to be out of something that was destined for my growing and neglected “unfinished objects” pile.  I love that I have more of this patchwork left so that I can create another quilt out of this formerly, unloved little project.

Scrappy Star Quilt Finished

Scrappy Star Quilt with doll

And most of all I love that this project made clear to me the abilty that we all have to transform something that is not serving us or working out for us, into something that feels right and that we can be happy with.

Scrappy Star Quilt Folded

I love that through the creative process, we can discover parallels to our life as a whole.  Just like in life, I have the freedom to transform my reality into one that works for me and those around me as well. I am in control of my existence and my creative endeavors.  It’s really through the process, not the end result that we gain the most value.

Scrappy Star Quilt under tree

Although I must say, when it comes to quilts, the end result can be pretty rewarding!:-)   I invite you to view the listing for this quilt,  here SOLD!!

Also,  thank you again for all your warm and kind well wishes on my last post.