As this summer is coming to an end and we are gearing up for the start of school, I am taking a moment to check in with you all and give a bit of an update to a post I wrote around the beginning of the summer.  I spoke about my very frustrating and ongoing health/chronic pain issues, and had grand visions that all would be well on its way to a neatly wrapped up bundle of answers and pain free days by now! Ha!  I was wrong about that, and while I do feel there has been some subtle improvement in the frequency of my pain, indeed I continue to struggle almost daily and often feel pretty exhausted by the pain.  And I still feel determined to build on my current yoga practice and once the girls are back in school, get on the trail (at my pace)  more often again, both things bring great physical and emotional well being.

I have to laugh because in my earlier post I held this vision of coming back strong/pain free and also with a bunch of new and exciting quilt designs.   Well I have to say, that is not the case either.  Mostly, I’ve spent my summer, enjoying time with family, and trying to stay committed to healthy practices- eating well, excercising, setting clear boundries about my time, etc….. often a challenge in itself in our busy life.  So where am I today?  I’m in a place of accepting what is, the good of it and the not so good of it.

Box of Rain Quilt inside, close-up

I’m happy to say I’m preparing to send one of my favorite quilts I’ve made off to Houston for the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase at Quilt Market.  As I carefully sew the sleeve to the back, I feel tons of gratitude for that fact that I had the mental and physical energy to create this quilt when I did.  I know in my heart that I’ll be in that place again, ready and able to take on a bigger quilt project like this one was.

scrappy patchwork star pointsI’m also enjoying the little bits of work time here and there that I get in my sewing room to create easy and fun little quilts,

little one and half inchers

quilts that use up little squares of fabric that I cut long ago, and of course lots and lots of pouches (don’t worry, I won’t post anymore of those for a while). :-),

untitled bursts- waiting for binding

And finishing up smaller projects that I didn’t love but couldn’t bare to toss into the unfinished pile (this one still needs binding)!  Whatever it is I’m working on in my room these days just feels good to me.  It truly is my little bit of “quilt therapy”.   That’s where I am right now.

Do I feel frustrated that I don’t have more energy and less pain, so I could put more time and effort into my work?   Yes- too often!  But my lesson continues to be that of patience and acceptance.    I see so many amazing blogger’s and quilters doing fun and interesting things and sometimes wish that I was one of them right now.   That feeling is incentive to continue my journey of figuring out my pain and learning how to manage it more effectively.  I envision a day without chronic pain, and I will get there!!

For now, I create when I can, accept what is and work really hard to finally live without pain!  I’m grateful to all my readers who continue to come back and check in, all your well wishes and encouragement and all your patience with my spotty blogging.  I must say that I’m loving Pinterest and Bloglovin’ right now as well, on my sleepless nights I am able to enjoy all the creative and amazing work of other quilters.  Please do come and check out my very expanded Quilt Board.  Okay, thanks for reading all the way to here and have a lovely weekend!

in gratitude,