Over the past few days, I’ve carved out the time to begin the long and arduous process of cleaning and organizing my sewing space!!!  Amazing what one can uncover during this daunting task.  Yes, I discovered entirely too many abandoned WIP and should probably NOT be starting in anything new, but…….

simple patchwork on the design wall

I also discovered multiple baskets filled with beautifully cut 2.5 inch squares left over from my Granny Square Quilt, I figured why not begin a sweet, simple little patchwork quilt.  It’s a way for me to ease back into my sewing rhythm and it will serve as a fun summer project for my eldest daughter and I, and hey, I’m getting rid of some of the clutter right? :-).    So far, the layout has been fun- so different from what I normally work on.  I just love putting those leftover scraps to work!!

Happy Sunday to all……