Oh the irony of it….. I just posted earlier today that I would be blogging less, and now I am posting for the second time in the same day.  I thought about putting these together in one post but it didn’t feel right!

Pure & Simple Cap Sleeve Cardi #1

I just wanted to share my newly finished cardigan!  This was supposed to be given as a gift at a birthday party last weekend to a dear friend’s daughter (Miss A’s best friend).  But as Miss A was sick in bed with the stomach flu we decided it better wait.

Pure & Simple Cap Sleeve Cardi #2

I was hoping to get some photos of the birthday girl in her new sweater, but decided on some nice outside photos instead.

Pure & Simple Cap Sleeve Cardi #3

This has become my go to pattern for special little girls in our life (we are grateful to have many).   It is fast and easy, especially on this,  my third time around.

Pure & Simple Cap Sleeve Cardi #4

I started this sweater about 3 weeks ago and to already be finished is a knitting record for me.  I’m usually kind of a knitting dawdler.  Who knew setting a time goal for myself could be so helpful- :-)!

Pure & Simple Cap Sleeve Cardi #5

Now that this one is finished, I have discovered a new Pure & Simple pattern- a poncho I’ve just started for Miss N.  I’ll post some progress soon.  It’s super cute!   Now I’m off to fill my bird feeder……

Happy Wednesday!

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