Most of what I’ve been up to lately is the beautiful busyness of daily life.  Things like…

Miss A pre ballet recital

ballet recitals (Miss A’s first ever),

Sick and Tired Miss N

 unexpectedly sick children,

Miss K field trip

and chaperoning end of school year field trips, just to name a few……all the juicy day to day things that I feel blessed to be experiencing.  They have however managed to keep me out of my sewing space for the last several weeks.

handmade pot holders

This week I found a little pocket of time and had a ton of fun using up some scraps while coming up with these super easy pot holder gifts.

scrappy pot holder #1

Miss K’s class will be doing lots of cooking next year as part of the 3rd Grade curriculum at our Waldorf School.  I thought it would be fun to make some really sweet little pot holders that the teacher/children can use in their classroom kitchen.

scrappy pot holder with teapot

I made some last year, but they felt a bit too formal, so this time I wanted something more charming, scrappy and hand-made looking.

scrappy pot holders

 I chose to do this “no binding” style (not sure if there is an official name for this method??) to help achieve that look.

scrappy pot holder #2

I used strips of some of my favorite scraps and insulbrite batting to ensure that they are heat proof for the kiddos.

a set of scrappy handmade pot holders

You can see I kind of played with different finishes and directionality.  For two, I stitched in the ditch and two of them I stitched random straight lines perpendicular to the strips. I just knew I didn’t want to put too much quilting in because I wanted the pads to stay flexible and somewhat soft.  These were so easy and quick to create.  I will be posting a little tutorial on these next week!!

Hope you’re having a great week!