Hi! I hope you don’t mind me sharing some highlights of a really fun, long weekend (that had nothing to do with quilting or sewing) and taking a little mama bragging rights moment!!  Bare with me, LOTS of photos ahead- but pretty ones!    We had amazing weather here in town and enjoyed most of it at the Mission.

i Modinnari in full swing

 Here in Santa Barbara each Memorial Day weekend, we have the I Madonnari  Festival.  It’s our version of a traditional style Italian Street Painting Festival.

view from mission steps

Hosted by the lovely folks at our beautiful and historic Santa Barbara Mission,  this festival has been benifitting the Children’s Creative Project for 27 years and  providing tons of family fun at the same time.

chalk festival

Last year our eldest daughter Miss K  was so inspired that she (along with her sisters) created her own chalk drawings on our driveway for the better part of the summer.

Miss K -inspired by last year's festival

Miss K and sisters summer drawings

It was so fun to see their creations come and go.  Washed away by the random sprinkler blast or the occasional water balloon fight.  When asked if she would like to have her own 4 x 6 drawing space at the main festival, she jumped at the chance.

Miss K drawing 1

It was two long days, with a few breaks here and there, fortunately we live close by so we could break for the afternoon and come back down after dinner.

immersed in her work

She had to adjust a bit to working under the pressure of having her photo taken, not always just by mom, and lots of onlookers.  It took some getting used to.

providing support with space

Once mom, dad and sisters and grandparents all stepped back (very hard for mom, I must say as I wanted to blend a little here and add a little there), she really found her groove and seemed to tune eveything out.

Miss K drawing 2

She was enjoying the process very much!

Miss K tired of drawing

But alas,  the experience finally took it’s toll, she was ready to call it done and move on to just being a spectator, who could blame her, there was so much to see.  I’m so proud her commitment to finishing this and doing her best work; work that she could feel good about at the end of the day.

chuck t's in chalk

We strolled around and checked out the other drawings.  It’s really incredible what some people are able to do with chalk!!!

chalk drawing

I loved watching the collaboration between artists……

main drawing

and the arduous, intensity that goes into making a materpiece in chalk!  Really quite impressive to witness.

Coastal Quilters Guild

I couldn’t resist leaving you with at least something “quilty”.  The Coastal Quilters Guild even showed off a design in chalk.  Look at those little log cabins!!

Even if you just looked at the photos, I thank you for stopping by and looking at my non-quilty post today!  I mean, at the end of the day, we are all people, not just quilters.  There are so many other things in life that inspire and make us happy.  Occasionally, I like to share those with you!!  Hope you’re having a great week!