Once again, I can’t begin to thank you enough for all your thoughtful, supportive comments and helpful tips.  It was nice to know I was not alone in this experience!!  For those of you who don’t know,  I recently had a little “hiccup” in my quilting flow.  My much loved Bernina and I were having some issues!!  I’m happy to report we are back to a really peaceful place and I’m giving her a little rest this week!!  Many of you were curious what the problem actually was and I am just now getting the chance to fill you in.  Sorry for the delay.

Okay, so……

Mr. Cubbage, our knowledgable and amazingly available sewing machine repairman came less than 24 hours after calling him (yes, he makes standard house calls, that’s his business, yes, I find it amazing and feel really lucky)!!  Tool box in hand, he was ready to make it all better and he did!!   I’m sure I just about threw my arms around him for a great big hug, but at the last-minute decided on a very sincere thank you instead!! 🙂

Problem #1

My bobbin was ever so slightly bent or disfigured in some invisible way (it’s now in the trash), and my bobbin tension was off.  So what I learned is that the Aurafil I’ve been using A LOT of lately is a bit thinner than my other threads, and therefore, over time it gets the tension “messes” with the tension.  So I need to tighten my bobbin tension just a hair when using Aurafil and loosen it a hair for thicker threads!  Great lesson!!

Problem #2

My needle was bumping up against my plate!!!!  EEekk- now that had me worried!!  He was able to adjust it back to where it was supposed to be.  We discovered that likely the reason for this is that I have been….. *aaahhhem* a bit too forceful when putting larger quilts through my machine.  Over time this has caused the needle to move to a position where it is hitting the plate and causing all the breakage of thread and skipped stitches!!  Talk about being relieved and also I must say, humbled!!  I have so much to learn about sewing machines and quilting!!

Talk about being relieved and also I must say, humbled!! Even after four pretty solid years of quilting and sewing,  I have so much to learn about sewing machines and quilting!  Thankfully, he was able to fix it all up and I learned a hugely valuable lesson or two!!  One is that I can’t force my large quilts through my machine, and two is that I really need to start saving money for a second quilting machine.  He was in agreement that a Juki, straight stitch, mechanical machine with a larger throat would be a great choice for me.  It’s the brand I’ve had my eye on for a while and after seeing Rachel’s post about it, I was sold. I love my Bernina (but also want a machine that doesn’t have a computer) and want to use it for multipurpose sewing/quilting for many years to come.  That’s why I think, for as much quilting as I do, it’s time to invest in another serious machine.  I need to start filling my piggy bank however, and doing some research on just which model,  so it may be while.

How about you all, do you have that one much loved machine that you know how to fix yourself and you’re completly loyal to, or are you a collector of sewing machines and you never have to worry about one breaking in the middle of an important project?   Also, has anyone else experienced this needle and plate issue?  It seems random to me but maybe it’s more common than I know???  Just curious!

Anyway, I hope that satisfies any curiosity about what the problem was.   I’m off to tend to the massive amounts of laundry that have piled up while I was ever so slightly obsessed with my Box of Rain Quilt.  Thanks so much by the way, for all your positive and kind comments.  I’m so happy with how that quilt turned out and just as happy to have it behind me.

Happy Monday!