I’ll make this short and sweet!!! First off, THANK YOU so very much for all of your concern, well wishes, tips and thoughts on my little sewing machine issue yesterday, and a huge thank you to Mr. Cubbage, our local sewing machine magician or as one of you put it, the “Great and Powerful Sewing Machine Fix-It Guy”- love that!!  Yes, indeed,  I am happy to report that I now have a working machine that purrs like a kitten again!!!  Since my hope today, is to make up for lost time and get this quilt finished, that’s all I’ll say for now.  I learned so much through this little bump in the road and hope to share more about my experience with it, as well as what the problem was,  later, and soon!

repair man makes a house call

Have a lovely day,  you all are so kind and I just want to give everybody a big hug of gratitude- **hugs** :-)!!! ~~~karen