If you are a regular visitor to bloomingpoppies, you may have had just about enough posts about this quilt.  So sorry, but I’m really bummed out today and need to vent and possibly get a bit of advice…… so please bear with me!  My Bernina and I are having a bit of trouble getting along right now.  I’m sure many of you have been there as well, right?  I love my machine, but I finally had to throw in the towel, turn off the machine, and call for our local sewing machine magician of sorts who makes house calls.

waiting for service call

So here’s the story…. All was going along just fine and I was enjoying finding a nice rhythm with my quilting lines on this quilt, when all of a sudden, my bobbin thread just broke!!!  HHmmm? okay, so I took it out checked it, reloaded it and got back to quilting.  After many stitches, it broke again.  Again I fiddled and reloaded.  The third time, I started getting really irritated.  I unwound the small amount of remaining thread, and loaded a brand new bobbin.  At that point, I believe I also changed my needle, and rethreaded my top thread as well.  Thinking the problem must surely be solved, I began quilting again.

skipped stitches

Then I began noticing some skipped stitches*** huge gasp*** and my heart sinks!!!  Not sure if you can tell in this photo (on the orange), but they are there and  there are a lot more ……. at this point I began to get extra irritated, luckily I was home alone and could properly express that irritation– if you know what I mean!!

huge skipped stitch

Anyway, this battle with my machine continued on and off for hours.  It would move along okay for a while and I could get a line or two done, but then it would get all crazy again and I’d have to rip out a bunch of stitches.  I oiled it, changed my needle again, rethreaded, etc.  Finally, after doing this ridiculous ritual for way too long, I noticed this extra long…. um can you even call it a skipped stitch?  Just a huge section completely un sewn, and then stitches following it?????? What the…….??? (You’ll notice it in the top line of the above photo, that is the top and the last line )  *deep sigh*  I turned off the power to admit defeat…… for now.  I did however, have to go in and just check my bobbin one last time, and I have a strong suspicion that is the culprit.  The tension feels off or something but I don’t know how to fix it.  EEEeek!! I guess I need to start learning these things.  Sewing machine fix-it man, please get here soon, I’ll take lots of notes!!!

By the way, in case you are all wondering why this is stressing me out this much, I’ll tell you now, this quilt is one that I’m hoping to enter into the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase for Quilt Market this Fall– there I said it!!  But the deadline is next Friday!  I do not have time for this.  Bernina, I love you, please pull through for me, and all you kind readers and quilters out there, please feel free to send along some good “quilty love” toward my little, hard working (likely overworked) machine!!!

Okay, that is the end of my rant!!  Thanks for hearing me out, I’ll keep you posted on the outcome!