One of these days I’ll go and splurge for some more basting pins!  I was all set to baste my Oakshott Untitled Quilt on Friday so I could spend some time quilting it this weekend, when I remembered that all my pins were still in Miss A’s Scrappy Strings Quilt!  Soooo, best laid plans….. needed to be changed!

basting pins in scrappy strings quilt

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday morning, finishing (I think) the quilting on this quilt. I can’t make up my mind about weather or not to add the hand quilting, or any quilting in the scrappy pieced rows.

Scrappy Strings quilts almost finised

 I’m so used to creating very dense, what I consider “modern” quilting lines, that the unquilted sections of the quilt are hard for me to leave alone. But I really want this quilt to have a modern, yet charming appeal to it.

Scrappy Strings partially quilted

I feel like leaving alone or sparsely hand quilting those colored rows, will give that  look and feel.  Since I have yet to do any serious hand quilting (pulled out the little bit I did on this one), can anyone tell me if it would work to bind the quilt and then finish the hand quilting?

scrappy strings waiting for hand quilting?

 I’d love to give this to Miss A for her upcoming birthday, but I’m sure I can’t finish it in time if I plan to hand quilt!  I think I’ll need to rent  episodes of some good shows to watch while I settle in to quilt this baby, if anyone has suggestions on some good shows to watch, please send them my way!!  🙂  Downton Abby is first on my list!   Thanks!

Anyway, after a long day and a half of quilting, I finally got all the pins out of that scrappy little monster, so I could move on to my next basting project.  Yes, I’m ridiculously obsessed at the moment! 🙂

Oakshott Untitled basting begins

This Oakshott Untitled, as it’s titled for now, has been so much fun to work on and might be one of my favorites I’ve made so far.

Oakshott Untitled basting progress

I began basting this afternoon and was finished in a couple of hours.  That may be due to, or is perhaps in spite of,  my lovely little basting helpers.

Miss A, my official basting assistant

Indeed, my girls have been very good at occupying themselves as I have been very creatively focused lately.  We’ve had nice spring like weather for them to enjoy being outside, and Dad is great about running them around and making lunches, but after a while, all they want is mama!

My basting assistants

“Okay girls, just one more row of pins then I’m all yours!”

Oakshott Untitled basting progress #2

Anyway, during this basting process,  I’m usually able to contemplate what type of quilting lines I think best suite the quilt…… or listen to Miss N tell me the names of all her doggie stuffy friends (notice bottom right corner).

Oakshott Untitled basting progress #3

For this quilt, the inspiration is just not coming to me!!  I’m thinking circles, but realize I need to sleep on it.  I’ll hope for fresh energy and inspiration tomorrow. **Yawn**  I’m kind of all quilted out after this weekend!

Hope you had a great weekend!