Hello and happy Wednesday!  Just want to say a quick thank you for all the great responses and tips on my pre-washing post.  I normally  respond (or try to) via email, individually, but it seemed like it could be relevant for future readers,  to keep the “conversation” going so I decided to reply directly in the comments section.  Just FYI!  You guys are great and I appreciate your thoughts!!!

So… *deep sigh*  I’m on week two with one of my girls home with this nasty flu. Yes, it would have much more effecient for them to be sick on the same week, but of course that was entirely out of my control.  Unfortunately, I’m not feeling so great myself this time around!  So a lot of tea has been made and noses blown, but this is one of those doozies of a flu, where the best medicine is just having mom right by your side and time to ride it out……  I cherish and accept!!  What that means however, is that not a lot has been accomplished the old sewing room!

"Raw" beginnings with Oakshott on the design wall

I did get a design vision though and realized that my Oakshott cottons would be so perfect for it.  I also added some of my various shade and weights of scrappy linen. So far this is only partially sewn together as I’m still playing around with placement and color flow.  I love this part!!!    For now I’ll have to let you consider what I may do with this giant strip block.  To be continued……..

I’m linking up to Lee’s WIP Wednesday!!  Hope your day/eve is spectacular!