My goal was to finish this quilt by today……

and by golly, I did it!!   I also got to go hiking with my daughter and her class for their Friday Fieldtrip Outing!! We are having some really glorious pre-spring weather here.   I’m calling this a REALLY good day!

Dreamcatcher Quilt with branches

My newly finished Dreamcatcher Quilt  is one  that I just had to make!  Do you ever have those?  Of course you do….  we all do!! 🙂

Mottled Dreamcatcher Quilt

Several months ago I saw a this beautiful quilt, created by Amy, and I knew I had to create something similar.  I’m not a huge fan of  these warm colors together but I wanted to use solids that I didn’t just love, love, love because if the quilt didn’t work out, I wouldn’t have wasted my more favorite colors.  You see, I really wasn’t sure how she made this quilt, so I figured out my own way.  Since it was my first attempt……… well you see what I mean. My impulsiveness has brought a few quilting disasters to my “quilty RIP pile” and caused me some unneeded frustration in the past.  Let’s just say, I have a few things from those abandoned projects!

Dreamcatcher Quilt sidelong

I had lots of fun with all the improv piecing.  It was fun trying to figure out how to make the star points.  I went back to this tutorial   that I tried out years ago, only I used larger squares that were already pieced.  The seams got a bit bulky at times but a little pressing worked that out just fine!  I loved piecing this star together with this super saturated Kona Tangerine for the background (I love how the different dye lots add to the design).  I tend to get stuck in a white/gray/neutrals background rut, so this orange was fun to work with in such large quantity.

Dreamcatcher Quilt on the wall

I wasn’t sure what to do for quilting lines and actually put this quilt aside for a while for lack of inspiration.  Then it came to me!!  I wanted to highlight the square shape in the center but also add some whimsy and movement to the quilt.  I chose to quilt a sort of tilted concentric square pattern.  For me it brings something fun and unexpected to the design.  It wasn’t all that easy to pull off and in the end I realize I need to “tilt” it a bit more to really achieve the effect I was going for.  Even so, I really LOVE this quilt and am so very happy with how it turned out.

Dreamcatcher Quilt indoors

I have been enjoying all the modern lone star quilts I’ve been noticing all over blogs and pinterest.  I’m so glad I finally made one.  I have a feeling it won’t be my last.  For starters I’m likely going to try this same quilt in a different color combination.

Dreamcatcher Quilt with blue sky

I’m linking this one up to Crazy Mom today for Finish It Up Friday– better late than never!

Hope your weekend is amazing!!