Upon returning home from Quilt Con last week, I was telling a friend about my amazing morning with Lotta Jansdotter and how much I appreciated and admired her work. No I didn’t get to fly off to her Brooklyn studio for a class- someday I hope to though!!

Lotta and Me

I love the idea of art on fabric and the way it’s created is fascinating to me.  This lovely friend of mine, then proceeded to tell me about this incredible jewel of a textile design house we are lucky enough to have right here in Santa Barbara.

wide shot of Raoul workshop

I had known about this place for a few years but had been scared away by it’s extreme “high end” nature.  In other words, I simply couldn’t afford to even step foot in the showroom.

Miss K taking it all in

Well,  they are gracious enough to open their gigantic studio wherehouse once a year for this truly amazing sale!!!  I couldn’t pass it up, so I brought my oldest daughter and my fabric loving MIL with me to check it out.

some more bolts

There were giant tables the length of the building that had bolt after bolt of gorgeous handprinted linen!!!  A textile lovers delight… and then some!!  It was so overwhelming that I just barely managed to snap a some mediocre photos.  The ones I did get just show a tiny tidbit of the unbelievable prints and colors they had.

rolling the bolts

We also witnessed many bolts being rolled.  It was interesting to watch.  I think some of these women and men must be buying for their own stores- not sure why they would need so much of the same fabric.

Finally made it to the cutting table

Anyway, the nature of this sale, creates a sort of “fabric free for all”, every fabric hoarder for herself!!  This was a stretch for me as I’m not a fan of shopping in general, but oh the lengths I’ll go to when it comes to good linen!! Wow, these women weren’t messing around, I mean,  ‘don’t even think about looking twice at my bolt’ was the prevailing attitude-ha!!  ‘Just look straight ahead and get to the cutting table and no one gets hurt!!’  🙂

waiting to pay on a lovely day in SB

Once everyone had what they wanted though and we found or place in the very long line, it was all peace, love and fabric happiness!!

A successful fabric shopping trip

I took Miss K along with me which is probably what kept me from staying there all day and spending entirely too much money.  I was very disciplined and only grabbed a few bolts for cutting.  I think I ended up with a 3 or 4 yards.  And then we finished off our little excursion with a latte and a croissant!

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning if you ask me!