Okay, someone please pinch me!!!  My Sing It Out Loud Quilt won the Coats and Clark Quilting Excellence Award!!!

Me and my Sing It Out Loud Quilt at Quilt Con

I was completely surprised and honored to have been chosen by the kind folks at Coats & Clark for this Quilting Excellence Award.  This quilt was so much fun to quilt, so to be recognized for the quilting was truly gratifying for me.  The Coats & Clark brand has been around for almost 200 years and I have fond memories of my sister and I in our handmade dresses from Grandma,  that were held together so beautifully by this now iconic brand of thread.

handmade award ribbon- awesome

Thank you again to Lynn and Coats and Clark for recognizing and appreciating my modern improv quilt.  As for the other two winning quilts and quilters….

Double Edge Love- Best in Show

Victoria Findly Wolfe won Best in Show award for her incredible Double Edge Love Quilt.

Carolyn Friedlander- The Local Quilt

Carolyn Friedlander won Best Machine Quilting award for her amazing The Local Quilt.

Attention to detail- Quilt Con

Indeed, Quilt Con was amazing in so many ways!  I mean just check out this one small example of the level of detail involved.  I spent three days enjoying the workshops, lectures and more amazing quilts in one room, and actually even more (MQG Charity Quilts) in the adjoining room, than I ever could have imagined!!  The level of creativity and quilty “greatness” that was displayed at the show was frankly quite staggering.

Quilt Con volunteers and organization

I can’t possibly begin to convey here, just how fabulous this event was.   Although I took a ton of photos, there are a hundred more that I wish I would have taken to attempt to document this event.

Quilt Con Raffle Quilt

The coordinators (Modern Quilt Guild Board of Directors),  and all the lovely volunteers really outdid themselves.  Just look at this quilt that was pieced together using some of the best of the best charity blocks from Modern Quilt Quilds all over the world.  Keeping my fingers crossed to possibly win this beauty with these great Quilt Con colors!!

My hope is to post again to tell you about the great lectures and my two awesome workshops with Jacquie and Lotta.

I’d also love to show you some of favorite quilts from the show.  In the meantime, if you don’t already know, Christa Quilts has photos of the quilts that won awards at the show. It will take me a bit of time to process the last few days.   But wow,   I’m just really inspired and excited about the direction of Modern Quilting.   It was so much fun to hear my sweet littl four year old say to me when I got home last night, “Mommy, your quilts are rockin'”! Yes, she’s my biggest fan!!