I spent a bit of time this week on my slowly growing Dreamcatcher Quilt.  While I’ve made some progress, I had a little setback today when I discovered a silly mistake.  “Ugh, did I really just do that?”

Dreamcatcher Quilt on the design wall

Now these mistakes, are not uncommon for me, the overly impulsive quilter that I am.  But as the years go by I’m learning to slow down and be honest with myself as to weather or not I can overlook the mistake or if it is one that will haunt me unless I fix it.

Dreamcatcher Quilt back to the sewing machine

Well this one fell into the latter category, so I spent a few minutes with my seam ripper and am now back a few steps!  Oh well!  I know I’ll be so much happier with it in the end and now I won’t wonder if I would have liked it better if I had just spent the extra 30 minutes fixing it.  I shifted a couple of the star point squares around and will have to create a new one, salvaging as much as possible of course!  I didn’t like the symmetry that was happening with the points– in case you’re wondering.  Small detail to some, but too obvious to me, albeit a little after the fact.

Quilt inspired Minestrone Soup

 I’d like to say I just took it in stride with a smile on my face, but let’s get real, my time is worthy!!   I decided I needed to just walk away from my wall and to go make a giant pot of Minestrone Soup!  I can’t help but think that tonight’s dinner was somehow inspired by the colors in my Dreamcatcher Quilt,  yes?,  and I suppose motivated by my silly mistake on it!    Cooking can be so soothing.  I feel much better.  🙂 Back to the sewing room tomorrow for another try!


p.s. the quilt color in these photos is a bit off, that Tangerine is really not quite that dark….  just sayin’