Do you ever have those projects that just seem to have an especially strong hold on you, that maybe don’t seem to be working out but you just can’t ignore, that keep mysteriously pulling you back to your WIP or nearly abandoned projects box?  I’m not alone here, right?

playing with placement

Somehow I found my way back to that  project this week.  She’s kind of like The Little Quilt That Could…..

playing with placement #2

It’s not the first time I’ve gone back to this one to try to figure it out.  There has been something about it that I simply couldn’t give up on.

Miss A's String Quilt

Well happily, I think I’ve finally discovered it’s destiny.  What a great and exciting feeling!

original pink and red layout

What started out as an entirely pink and red quilt project last year around this same time– I think I had Valetine’s Day on my mind?-   has finally been transformed into something I can live with and even cherish as a gift to my sweet Miss A.

Pink Strings Quilt- Revised Version on the design wall

 I added more colors (after realizing I couldn’t possibly live with all that pink), cut my squares up, added some white space (I chose to use Kona Snow for a softer look, a bit more “vintage” inspired), and played with layout to make this little quilt come back to life for me and of course Miss A, who ultimately chose the final layout!

I should give a bit of background here.  A few weeks ago I finished my Comfort and Joy Circle Quilt and Miss A really loved it. Although a bit small,  I was sure it would work as her new bed quilt that I’d been needing to make for her.  Alas, we discovered that try as we might, it was simply too small for her twin size bed.  I also had second thoughts about it as I felt like the quilt that will be hers for many years to come should be special and consciously made for her.  One that is filled with love and the joy of knowing that it’s being created especially for her.

Miss K's granny squares with clothing scraps

And of course, like Miss K’s that I made last year,

Miss K's granny squares with clothing scraps #2

it would need a few scraps at least, of her old clothes that she wore as a baby/toddler.  In Miss K’s examples above they are just sprinkled in here and there!

So, this project came to mind as being perfect for the special Miss A’s bed quilt!  I was able to salvage some of her old dresses and shirts from by bag of sentimental clothing that I keep for just this purpose.

Miss A's scraps of clothing used in block

Using some of those I made a few more string blocks in blue.  That first strip next to the solid is a piece of the dress she cut up when she first discovered scissors (“child-safe”- however not clothing safe apparently).

Scrappy strings using old clothing #2

This strip (closest to the solid again) is from her first panel skirt that she wore for at least three years until the elastic finally gave out.  Sorry for the lousy photo on this one.  Anyway, you get the idea.  It’s been fun working on different layouts and deciding how to put it all together. Since I started this project about a year ago, I have been continually changing my mind about the placement of the squares…… which turned into triangles…… which then turned back into squares… ha!  This week, I finally came to the realization that…. IT’S JUST A QUILT!  At some point you just have to call it, commit to a layout and sew it up!!!    I’m really excited to get this top together and start quilting.

Triangle Wall Hanging quilting progress

And lastly, when I’m in need of a break from piecing, I have been quilting a few more lines on my triangle design wall hanging piece.  I’m choosing really dense lines for this one so it’s slow going, but I’m loving how it’s turning out!

I’m linking up today with Lee’s WIP Wednesday.  As always there is a ton of quilty inspiration over there.  I also linked up to Fronteir Dreams, Keep Calm and Craft On, she has so many sweet links there to get your crafty juices flowing.

I hope your week is a beautiful work in progress…..