Now that the girls are back to school and activities and I’m running here and there with them, it’s a great time to pick up this project I started on before the holidays.  It’s the type of project that needs no graph, no little boxes to count or charts to check (at least not often).  So it’s perfect for picking up during the rare downtime at home, tossing in the car to work on during this or that practice, etc.


It’s just knit, purl, enjoy!  I’m so glad I found this Rivage pattern along with the lovely Brookly Tweed yarn, at our much loved and relied upon knit shop downtown!


Although this project is pretty straightforward, it’s a long one.  It should be perfect for breezy summer days by the beach here in California.  Yes, an early summer finish on this one is what I’m going for.

I’ve also been back in my sewing space…. more on that tomorrow!