Well, I’m happy to say, I set a goal for myself to finish this quilt before the first week of the year was over….. and I did it!!

Comfort and Joy Circle Quilt

I guess since I still have the binding to put on, I’m not officially done, but close enough for me!!   I actually finished today!!, now It’s official!!

Comfort and Joy Circle Quilt close up with binding

I put the last zig zag stitches around my circles today and headed outside for some photos before the rain comes tonight!   The rain cleared today sooner than we expected!  Glorious!!

Comfort and Joy Circle Quilt with binding #2

I’m so happy with how this one turned out and am so excited to share my tutorial on how I created it with you all!  Although it may seem as though there are many steps, you are not doing any actual piecing for this quilt.  It’s a lot of designing and quilting, my two favorite aspects of quilt making!

close-up Comfort and Joy Quilt

This is a quilt I actually started a ways back and left waiting again and again.  I seemed to need to do this one in stages.  I made the circles, and played with the layout, then adhered and basted, then many weeks later, quilted.

Comfort and Joy Circle Quilt #3

And now here she is, my Comfort and Joy Circle Quilt,  finished (except for binding in this photo),  and ready to go on my dear Miss A’s bed.  While not a twin size (about 55″ x 65″), she loved it so when she saw it, I just had to make it hers (she was due for a bigger one).

Comfort and Joy Circle Quilt Back

As you see I got a little FMF crazy on the back- that print is just so charming!  I love the way the outline of the circles shows up on the back of the linen. While I used mostly FMF prints on this quilt, I decided to also throw in a pop of solid and for that I used Kona Coral and one other Riley Blake print that I love!  All the circle rest happily on top of the lovely linen I found at Superbuzzy.

sampling of circles, Comfort and Joy Quilt

As you can see in my tutorial, I made the circles first then adhered them on to my linen, before finally quilting it all together.  I haven’t stipple quilted in a while, and forgot how fun and relatively fast it can be.  I used Aurafil thread for every step of this quilt.  It is a joy to work with, my thread didn’t break a single time and I was moving that needle around pretty quickly.  It’s like finding that great wool yarn that knits up so beautifully and you want a skien in every color available?  Or is that just me?

Comfort and Joy Circle Quilt #3

 As with the one I did like this two years ago, I know it gets even cozier after a good wash and dry!

That’s it, my first finish of the new year; the Comfort and Joy Quilt.  Feel free to visit my Comfort and Joy Circles Quilt Tutorial.

Hope your first week of the year involved plenty of whatever gives you comfort and joy!