cookie making

cinnamon applesauce ornaments

Miss N stitching

more stitching

painting gifts for Baba

Yes it’s been quite a busy and excited time here in our home as we prepare for giving and receiving.  The days have been full of stories (the girls have enjoyed Jan Brett’s Gingerbread Friends among others),  crafting, baking, wrapping and knitting (I finally finished up three gifts I’d been working on)!  Last week we made these super easy and fun cinnamon and applesauce ornaments to give to friends and family.  I found the recipe through Pinterest, along with lots of other great ideas which can be found on my ’tis the season board.   Many will have to wait for next year.

Miss N got to try her hand at stitching this year and is excited to give her “sampler” to her Baba tonight as we gather.  I also made a little time for some stitching of my own.  I have had fun putting together this little gnomie that will be in the loving little hands of my girls tomorrow.  And lastly, the girls painted some lovely last minute frames- thanks to Michael’s,  to give to gramma/grampa.  So the wrapping is done, the stockings are hung and our hearts are full.

Miss N with Mary

Life is good indeed, however on this night, much like the last 10 nights in a row, there is a certain heaviness that holds a place for those who were taken from this life in such a tragic manner recently.

a light for peace

As I hold my loved ones close,   light the fire,  sing our songs and enjoy our togetherness,  an extra candle will glow in our home in honor of them and in honor of peace and love worldwide; my wish for us all!  Happy Holidays to you and those you love…..

~~~ karen