getting ready

window stars

Miss A with broken arm

Kitty decoration


Miss K

I can officially say, we are in the full swing of holiday goodness!  Of course I’m completely crazed and not just a little overwhelmed by it all; especially during last weekend’s crunch moments just before Miss K’s Nutcracker Performance!   I’m also finding moments of much gratitude and joy.  Like when I sit with the girls to make paper stars for the windows- just 10 minutes of presence with a creative and colorful activity is sometimes all I need to rejuvenate.   We’ve had a slight challenge with our paper folding this week however, since my dear Miss A spent last week (along with her dad and me) in the ER and surgery center with a broken arm!!  All is well and healing is occurring as we speak!  After a few days down, she was ready to help us prepare our home for the holidays.  Even our kitty Sampson “helped” while relaxing on the tree skirt I made last year.    What a joyful time that is, much excitement in the air.  And yes the official cookie baking/decorating hasn’t even begun!

To end our very full week, I was able to make my first batch of Santa Lucia Rolls (each family made a batch) for Miss K’s class to hand out to all the classes at our school as a gesture of giving based on the story of Santa Lucia!  She had the honor of being asked to “be” Santa Lucia this year in the procession around the school.  What a lovely event to have witnessed!  I feel truly blessed and awed by all that life brings each week, all the good, bad and in between!  Yes I miss my sewing room a lot, and I may or may not get to those Christmas stockings I’ve been planning on for years now, not to mention the rediculously long list of other quilty/sewing projects that need attention.  But I will slow down the pace, light the candles, read our favorite holiday books, probably keep my knitting needles moving as they are working on gifts for family,  and help the girls craft some handmade gifts to give.  For this year, that will fill my days just right!

Happy weekend!